”Hazel” 2015 manufacturer : UCHIDA design period : 2014 (prototype) leading material : molded plywood, steel chair style : 4Legs, 4Legs with Armrests, 4Legs on Casters, Sledge, Swivel, Swivel with Armrests, High Stool photo : UCHIDA, Masaki Ogawa

furniture  2016

Assemble-It-Yourself Desks ...

“Assemble-It-Yourself Desks Made of Local Wood”  2014 A Volunteer group “Re: Living with Yoshino” initiated a project on student desks in Yoshino Junior High School in Nara. The aim is to encourage students to use locally-sourced desks so that they feel connected to their local communities. This project introduces a sustainable system: the top is [...]

furniture  2016


  ”Flipper”  2015 Thought it would be nice to take a windsor chair to outdoor. Flipper made it come true by having steel frame and applying special powder paint for outdoor use. Changing material on a seat creates flexibility for any scene, outdoor or indoor. This chair consists of round seat and small size of [...]

furniture  2015
アイキャッチ 山梨

ICLA/International College ...

“iCLA / International College of Liberal Arts”  2014 architectural design : Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects + Shimizu Corporation furniture design : TAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER furniture production : MARUZEN CO., LTD design period : 2014 building site : Kofu, Yamanashi Photo : Yuki Omori, Kai Nakamura

space  2015
アイキャッチ NHN

NHN PlayArt

“NHN PlayArt”   2014 interior design :  TORAFU ARCHITECTS furniture design : TAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER furniture production : TANSEISHA, MEC DESIGN INTERNATIONAL, KOBAYASHIKOUGEISHA design period : 2014 building site : Toranomon, Tokyo Photo : Daichi Ano

space  2015

Drop Table

“Drop Table” 2013 A small table that can be placed on top of a counter or another table. The structure and shape obtained by making only partial changes to a single glass plate are used as is for daily applications. This design is only attainable by the use of glass. While beautiful light passes through [...]

product  2015


“Lono” (small cabinet) 2013 Lono is a small cabinet consisting of three compartments of varying size mounted on legs and covered by a white steel sheet. The resulting volume provides steps and clearances that can also be used for storage. This unusual shape was arrived at by challenging the assumption that storage cabinets ought to [...]

furniture  2015


“URESHINO CITY CULTURAL CENTER” 2014 architectural design : HIROKAZU SUEMITSU+YOKO SUEMITSU / SUEP.+NOBUAKI SASAKI / Inter Media furniture design : TAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER furniture production : UCHIDA YOKO CO., LTD design period : 2014 building site : Ureshino, Saga

space  2015

Hang Stool

“Hang Stool” 2011 manufacturer : SHIRAISHI BUSSAN design period : 2011 (prototype) leading material : sugi (Japanese cedar), leather size :  L / W390×D140×H380 mm M / W360×D140×H300 mm S / W330×D140×H220 mm photo : Ryoukan Abe

furniture  2015


“Tansy” 2014 GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2015 JAPANESE FURNITURE SELECTION 2015 manufacturer : arti design period : 2014 leading material : wood (beech) size : Tansy/chair, W555×D560×H395/795mm Tansy/lounge chair, W590×D600×H365/715mm photo : arti

furniture  2015


“RUNE (Chair),  FIORD (Dining Table)”   2014 manufacturer : arflex japan design period : 2014 leading material : wood (oak, walnut) size : RUNE/chair, W580×D505×H430/710mm FIORD/table, W1800, 2100, 2400×D900×H720mm photo : arflex japan

furniture  2014


”ao” 2014 manufacturer : UCHIDA design period : 2014 leading material : sugi(Japanese cedar), hinoki(japanese cypress), steel photo : UCHIDA YOKO CO., LTD.

furniture  2014